Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's work work work every day and you have to be really creative and just purrrr fect or it could be catttttistrophic and I am not kittying around......

I have gotta get goin on this and scratch it out.....I 'm tired now and it looks pawfect...Keepin your face in front of the camera is a 24/7 job. I just wanted a few new friends to paw around with......

Its a lot of work for me ya know, I can't be everywhere at one time. I'm just lookin for some mice friends meow.....do you know any pets who might like to hang with a hot little feline like me....

The man of my dreams is Max he lives with Susan ,this is a picture of Max, he has the most wonderful wiskers I have ever seen, he cat naps alot in that chair, (I don't know if she drugs him or not, maybe some sort of cat nip) I am not sure if he is a latchkey kitty or not..... I wish she would let him play more and send me more pictures, he's the cats meow.....Just look at that regal nose....how wonderful that compliments my jutting chin......

The old man is on my tail again...I gotta get goin.... I always get stuck lookin at these white birds at susans house, her house is called between naps on the porch I know those birds are not real, they sure look familiar......hummmmm anyway she has a real pretty house so I know Maxx has good manners, she would not allow him to mess things up....

This is one of my girlfriends Isabella, she's very well traveled (pretty huh) her hair is all over the place, just imagine what those hair balls must look like everyone tells her how pretty she is, I think it is gonna go to her head....Isabella lives with Debbie
shes all about everything french and Isabella lives with three other cats, I don't know them as well....they are all well educated, you can tell....

These are more friends that live with Isabella, I call them all my posse...They all are on staff at Confessions of a plate addict where they live....I guess we all have to scratch out a livin...... they look like they eat pretty good and they said they had no complaints, they love their home and they even love all those plates.....

My paws are killin me....I will roll in the sun for awhile in the window....visit my cat box then I'm done for the day....after cat chow and it's a big snooze .... for me....

Thanks for stoppin by youall are purrrrfect at keepin me company, I will be back next week and I am gonna be lookin for more kitties to join me bloggin, maybe you'll see your little pussy cat or doggie, or horsie or birdie or who ever is your beloved pet on my screen, who knows, I hope we brush wiskers again...I am Tina, executive producer..Please let me know if you have a kitty or even a doggy or fish or a muskrat or horse or goat, and I will be happy to feature them on my space along with a shout out to your blog....Tina....My new blog will be TINA AND FRIENDS, Max that belongs to Susan http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ is already a member and Isabella from confessionsofaplateaddict shes a member too cause I love to visit with them daily... Just leave a comment and let me know your name and the blogspot and I will come and find you and a picture of your sweetie and please make sure your pets name is on the blog as well......I like to always talk to my friends and know their name...Tina

Thanks for stopping by.........Tina


  1. Hi Tina! Thanks for featuring me and my pals on your blog! Your blog ROCKS! It's the cat's MEOW! I will tell my friends to come visit you, too. It looks like you've got it good at your house. So do we. She calls us her staff, but we are really running the show. We make her get up at 6:30 to feed us and she doesn't even work. lol lol Gotta..hack...go...hack...I feel a...hack...hair ball...hack...coming up...Isabella

  2. Girl I'm dying laughing here...who would have known a Cat that could blog ha ha!! Tina is a beauty...now honey I just lost my last pet in Nov 09...I had 5 yorkies!! Yes all at one time hey mama and daddy has babies and well you know how it goes can't sell the children now...so I kept them all...great blanket at night and the fights that took place over who was going to sit in my lap were unreal...Again only you too funny...Hugs and smiles to you Tina...Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Tina,
    Well, you are about the most highly educated and well read cat I've ever met! Max told me that he thanks you are totally the Cat's Meow! He was wondering if you'd want to go steady? He said to tell you he is a complete gentleman...very good manners. I loved visiting your blog. I'll spread the word so you'll get lots of new followers! :-)
    Susan...and Max

  4. Hi Tina,
    Is there a chance you'd be willing to teach a seminar for felines who haven't learned how to write blog posts? There are two inside cats and two outside cats here that, so far, have shown NO interest in blogging. We need your help ... I can't keep doing this alone!!!

    Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements

  5. Hey Tina...We put you on our sidebar...Baby Kitty

  6. You are so right about Max! He is quite a dish of the furriest kind!**Purrrrr**! Love your blog!

    Sammy (but typed by her mom, m ^..^)

  7. Tina - That's a pretty name. My name is Mr. Ed & I live in Canada with 5 females (that's right, I said 5) I was just rescued last summer from a shelter and I am 20 years old. I had to walk into this house and charm the whiskers off of all these ladies. I guess when you are 90 years old, you aren't much of a threat. My favorite lady has a blog too so maybe you would like to meet me. I look a lot better now that I have been rescued from a crazy house of 47 cats. Phew! I will be checkin' on you since you are so purrty.

  8. Hi Tina! Oh, you're a pretty kitty! My name is Chloe Dawn! Now don't be scared, I'm not a cat but a doggy, but I'm a very nice doggy. I'm very pretty too and my Mommy loves me so much. She lets me write on her blog too sometimes. I look like you too! I'm black and I'm a miniature Schnauzer and so pretty! I can type pretty well. I hope we can be friends. I'll do my best not to bark very much. You can come and see me at my Mommy's blog Note Songs - http://notesongs.blogspot.com

  9. Tina I have a mister for you on my blog right now...His name is Marshall Dillon ha ha!! He won't run around on you, doesn't eat much, is house broke, and will never hold his paw out for money ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. Hi Tina, my name is Will i reside with my sister Grace in Kleinmachnow Germany with my owners Nicki, Klaus and Mike! They treat us well. We always have enough to eat and we even get to sleep on the waterbed with nicki and Klaus. My sister has chronic gastritis(doing fine at the moment) The upside is that we now get fresh cooked chicken as a snack!!!! Prehaps we can meet someday and share a worm, or feathery lunch?
    Meow Meow
    ps. my sister looks like you!

  11. Hi Tina, well... you really are a talented fur person. I have not quite mastered the keyboard, so my mom is typing for me while I dictate. My name is Janie Isabella Nania and I am a gorgeous brown tabby. My mom made me say that. I prefer to be a bit more humble. I have a long, nosed, fur brother named Willie. He is a German Shorthair Pointer. I love him so much. I like to sneak licks of his feet and ears. I hope you don't think that is strange. I enjoy your blog. It is purrrrrrrrrfect.